San Jacinto (Corps) Woods

Great Galveston Birding Trail

Tour Name: Great Galveston Birding Trail

Description: San Jacinto Woods is an Army Corps of Engineers property that is maintained by the City of Galveston. The birding enhancements at the site were planned and funded by the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. This is a spectacular place to see migrant landbirds in the spring, and it should not be missed. The grasslands and scrub at the front of the sanctuary are fantastic for migrant buntings, sparrows, and the like. There are boardwalks that enter the woods at each end of the trail, and these dense woodlands are perfect for many of the wood-warblers, vireos, thrushes, and tanagers. There are a number of red mulberry trees along the trail (west of the woods), and when fruiting there is no better place to see migrants in all of their glory. There are times when hundreds of tanagers, orioles, and buntings can be seen crowded into these trees. We also have provided a link to detailed information about recent sightings reported to eBird from this location.

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