Pelican Island

Great Galveston Birding Trail

Tour Name: Great Galveston Birding Trail

Description: Pelican Island can be reached on 51st Street from Broadway. Travel north on 51st across the Pelican Island drawbridge. Look for osprey perched on the utility lines to the west as you cross. Pelican Island is a result of the dredging of the Houston Ship Channel. Once quite small, the island has been enlarged through decades of dredge spoil deposition. As you arrive on the island you will notice Texas A&M University at Galveston, which includes the Texas Maritime Academy. Directly across Seawolf Blvd (the only east/west road)is a small sanctuary that the university established years ago. The sanctuary is blessed with a forest of fruiting mulberries, so do not pass this by during the spring. Continue east on Seawolf Park Blvd and you will cross the most impressive prairies and grasslands on the island. This area is ideal for raptors in the winter, and in some years four species of falcon can be found here (American kestrel, merlin, peregrine, and crested caracara). This area is also perfect for grassland species such as eastern meadowlark and dickcissel that can be difficult elsewhere on the island. White-tailed kite is rarely missed here during the winter. At the eastern end of the island you will enter Seawolf Park. Once the site of the historic Quarantine Station (a facility where many Texas immigrants first entered the United States), the park is now a repository for implements of war. The bulkhead is a popular area for fishing, and therefore numerous gulls and terns can be found here. Sabine's gull is among the rarities that has been seen here in the past. We also have provided a link to detailed information about recent sightings reported to eBird from this location.

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